5 benefits of video marketing for shows

Designed to attract the attention of potential visitors faster than any other advertising medium, in just 3 minutes a promotional video can develop better engagement than a newspaper or a poster. Video marketing is on the rise for some years and surely has benefits to reach targeted audiences. For shows good visual promotion material is […]

What do you look for when booking the perfect entertainer for your event?

The past twenty years the circus has been evolving from the “big top and sawdust” imageĀ  into shows that are a crossover from theatre and circus. The circus performer is not just highly skilled but often also crosses the boundaries between traditional circus, cabaret, sports and even corporate companies.   Booking a magician for the […]

A guide to backstage behaviour:

The backstage of theatres, galashows or corporate gala’s is where the magic happens and business is done. The perfect place to make or break your career. Here is a guide with some tips, tricks and hints on how to behave in the backstage.   Be as charming offstage as well as you are onstage: Believe […]

Working with artist agents

Many artists become frustrated when it comes to advertising themselves and selling their act. The business side of show business can be intimidating, even for experienced artists. An agent can take the stress away from you. A good agent knows a fine balance of representing your interest and the interest for a show, how ever […]

Circus; Back to the future

After a blog on how tradition kills the circus industry I got asked to write a follow-up story. Circus is spread across Europe in different shapes and forms. For the more traditional circuses, surviving becomes harder as they often exist out of “older” dynasties that tend to hold on to their old ways of running […]

How tradition kills the circus industry

About every few days I hear from clients, colleagues and others how difficult not only composing a show on the artistic field is, but also how difficult running a show is. Running a show is not easy, but if the owner of a show tells me “but 20 years ago this used to work” I […]

Download for free; Powerful image creation for performers

For a long time, I have wanted to write a short guide about creating an image for performers. A guide to explain how to analyse yourself, how to get better and how to sell yourself in a quick and easy read. Feel free to download the PDF document and share it with your friends and […]

How to write a proposal and get booked

Obviously you are a professional artist and you want to work in good places, but do you actually know what makes someone decide why they want to book you? Unless you are very well connected or have a well-established name you are losing ground when your publicity is not done right. When you are sending […]

Starting non-stopping shows

New shows are opening in a rapid speed this year, many of those close as fast as they opened. We do need initiators like this to maintain a right of existence but where does it go wrong?   Many people underestimate the time, effort and money it takes to brand a show. In many cases […]