Circus; Back to the future

After a blog on how tradition kills the circus industry I got asked to write a follow-up story. Circus is spread across Europe in different shapes and forms. For the more traditional circuses, surviving becomes harder as they often exist out of “older” dynasties that tend to hold on to their old ways of running a business. (Where they were once the people ahead of things with adopting new technology and trends).


Only a few people managed to invent new ways to present an interesting alternative to traditional circus. Some did that with incorporating new technical inventions, others did that with their marketing and a few others by branding their shows and created a “style circus”.


We need proper and safe grounds, freedom to travel, to supply our employees with social benefits and insurance and we need to pay those working for us on a regular basis and according to contracts. I see many show owners who do not even pay their employees. Not because they lack fundings but because they lack interest in the well being of their artists, ringboys and office staff.


An inevitable European animal ban will be put in place at some point in time , and will dramatically change the circus industry and the landscape for touring circus shows. Circuses all over Europe are still divided and are seeing competition in one another. They should stick together in their lobby to secure their own benefits and that of their artists and crews for the future. Create a strong lobby to defend our common ground in order to spare us time to reform our businesses into a healthy and self sufficient industry once again.


If circus wants to remain a relevant art form then we should alter our businesses to a higher standard. For our people and our audience.


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