Working with artist agents

Many artists become frustrated when it comes to advertising themselves and selling their act. The business side of show business can be intimidating, even for experienced artists. An agent can take the stress away from you. A good agent knows a fine balance of representing your interest and the interest for a show, how ever he should always focus on making sure that both parties stick to the contract with a focus on you as an artist (in the end he takes a sales commission based on your fee e.g. you are paying the agent).


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Reasons to have an agent 

  • For their connections. Artist agents professionally sell your act or show and represent artists. they willhave more connections with show owners, event organizers, press, and other show business professionals than the average artist.
  • For sales and business opportunities. Well, this is the point of an artist agent. Ideally, an agent will get you all of these and more. A good agent with the right connections might introduce you to important people in the industry, opening up a world of opportunity.
  • To save time. When you work with an agent, you can spend your time on improving your act.
  • If your business skills are lacking. If you are not comfortable networking or connection-building, then an agent may be worth the cost.


Tips for working with agents:


  • Don’t commit yourself immediately. If you are just starting a relationship with an agent, either limit the contract to 6 months or do not sign exclusively. If things aren’t working out, the term will end, and you can look elsewhere.
  • Communicate regularly. Don’t leave them alone for months without checking in, and don’t hover too closely. Make a point of checking in once every few weeks. You can let them know about new developments in your career or act, or simply just ask if they have any updates. However – if you check in too often, you can end up distracting your agent, annoying them, and creating a negative relationship.
  • Be clear about your goals. Are you more interested in working gala shows? working in circus? Getting publicity? Your agent isn’t a mind-reader, so be sure to explain exactly what you are looking for and ask your agent what he can do for you.
  • Be open. Tell your agent what they need to know in order to sell you. Be willing to talk openly about your work, your background, requirements such as payment, technical specifications and or riders. If your agent has questions, answer them clearly, so they can find clients who suit your requirements.
  • Be proactive. Help your agent to sell you at your best by sending him up-to-date material such as photos or video material.


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