How to write a proposal and get booked

Obviously you are a professional artist and you want to work in good places, but do you actually know what makes someone decide why they want to book you? Unless you are very well connected or have a well-established name you are losing ground when your publicity is not done right. When you are sending out publicity material it is important to pay attention to the message you send out. In a lot of promotion material i have received over the years, it’s very clear that the professionalism of the artist during their contract does not match the message they carry out in their publicity.

A booker wants to know why he should hire you. Convince him about your added value.


A few weeks ago i wrote an article (read here) with tips and tricks on how to get more bookings. I received some input and remarks by agents, bookers and even some artists regarding the proposals they send or receive. Let me share those with you.


Let me show you a list of the most common mistakes agents and bookers encounter when they are at looking at your material:


  • Spelling errors.
  • Long and unclear video recordings with bad audio.
  • Low resolution photos made by circus friends, family or taken from the internet.
  • A website with outdated information or mixing different styles.
  • Offering too little information.
  • Offering too much information.
  • Not addressing the person (or the wrong person) in your message, mail or email.
  • Not using a subject line in the email.


Marketing material is often quite expensive but it is surely rewarding to get a good photo session done, having a good video and website made or even someone to write a template for you so you just have to change the reader’s name in it.


A good proposal should contain:


  • Your introduction and your offer
  • A maximum of 3 booking options (if you have more to offer; mention that you can tell them more if they contact you)
  • Your contact details
  • 3 high resolution photo’s
  • A 1-minute teaser video (have a good -full- length recording to send afterwards if asked).



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