Your show-production is a system powered by all the things you represent. Let’s explore your opportunities together and redefine your act through a thoughtful and intentional process.

Let’s create an act for the future – in ways that make sense right now. We will examine the implications of your choices, create new experiences, and open doors to new opportunities.


We are creative thinkers and creators, We look at the world differently, but we share common traits: We are curious, collaborative and optimistic, but also pragmatic. Like that we are able to provide you with the best tools to lift your career.


Let’s help you to redefine your act and get you on track!


We believe we can generate better results by communicating clearly. If we speak the language that you understand it is more easy to work together towards great results.


We have the confidence to say and do the difficult and unpopular. We stand firm with our beliefs, and we admit and learn from our mistakes, the willpower and guts to move beyond what is considered to be safe.


We have an intense drive to go beyond the ordinary and achieve greatness by raising the standards in the world of variety and circus. We guide our energy, strategies and network towards specific results.

What we do

  • Show development
  • Artist development
  • Strategy & positioning
  • Identity & design
  • Brand engagement
  • Composing creative teams
  • And things yet to be discovered
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Frank has been producing and developing concepts and shows for me over a period of 6 years. He shows amazing creative skills and comes up with different and unique solutions. I think his vision is very important for the future of showbiz and the arts of live entertainment.
I give him my warmest recommendations.

Yours truly,


Eva Julia Christiie