Starting non-stopping shows

New shows are opening in a rapid speed this year, many of those close as fast as they opened. We do need initiators like this to maintain a right of existence but where does it go wrong?


Many people underestimate the time, effort and money it takes to brand a show. In many cases it is more than the actual cost to make the show itself. It also takes time and the right channels to market it.


If we look at a show that only recently closed down (they lasted about a month and a half) we see that the idea of the show was original and the execution of the show was fairly OK. However, when I looked at their marketing and publicity there where a few mistakes.


  • The date of the premiere on the posters was different to that on the website.
  • There was no dedicated page on facebook.
  • The signage towards the showground was non-existent.
  • There was very little publicity to make the public long for the day the show would start.
  • The official premiere was in the same place and the same period as their competitioner.


Opening a new show is not easy, it takes strategical thinking, media planning, a lot of marketing and branding budget and a perfect timing.


If you consider starting a show; Call us to see what we can do for you!