How to get yourself booked into a show 101

Promoting yourself is hard. Often you will find online castings and requests for artists made by bookers and agents. They often specify what they are looking for such as discipline, necessary papers and how to respond to the call. If it states that they want a reply via PM, private message or by email, this […]

Cultural participation as a status symbol

Big brands like Ferrari and Chanel have spent billions on marketing to become much loved status symbols. It works because people like to distinguish themselves from one another. Visits to theatre, musea, dance and circus are becoming more and more a symbol of status. Social media makes people share their experience and it shows to […]

Creating a promotion kit for entertainers 101

“How to create a solid promotion package?” is perhaps one of the questions that is most frequently asked. We decided to write a proper guide on creating a good promotion kit for entertainers.   A promotion kit should contain a few things:   Photos and other images Live videos  and teasers Information about your act […]

Niels Harder celebrates success!

Sabioleon is proud to announce that Niels Harder  is selected to participate in the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent! We congratulate Niels Harder with this little success in his career!   Remember how we wrote an article on what talent shows can do for your career? (read the article here…) Niels Harder contacted us and […]

Score attention with a football juggler!

Nigel Voets has kicked-off his new football juggling act. He is ready to hit the centre-spot of every stadium and sports related business event. Looking like a young football player, Nigel will hit the market with a fast moving and engaging act to excite audiences and get them in the mood for the game.   […]

Audience; give them a reason to keep coming back

When I stopped working as an artist in the circus and in magic, I started to see circus disciplines as part of the entertainment world, my viewpoint changed. I began to give greater thought to what really entertaining. How could we deliver that fantasy, the dream that our audience is paying for to see.  I […]

A guide to backstage behaviour:

The backstage of theatres, galashows or corporate gala’s is where the magic happens and business is done. The perfect place to make or break your career. Here is a guide with some tips, tricks and hints on how to behave in the backstage.   Be as charming offstage as well as you are onstage: Believe […]

Working with artist agents

Many artists become frustrated when it comes to advertising themselves and selling their act. The business side of show business can be intimidating, even for experienced artists. An agent can take the stress away from you. A good agent knows a fine balance of representing your interest and the interest for a show, how ever […]

What about talent shows?

Talent shows; our favorite moment during weekends, but our least favorite moment when we have to decide to compete.   Many  artists have been there, they got invited to participate in TV talent shows. When this happens many artists call me and ask me if they should participate. Several questions that are probably passing your […]

Sabioleon; a reinvented creative advisor

I believe that show business needs a fresh view and shows and artists deserve coaching to perform at their best. I own Sabioleon; an entertainment branding consultancy specialized in variety and circus – both for artists and show productions -. By fusing insights, strategy, creativity and imagination I help my clients to uncover new ways […]