What about talent shows?

Talent shows; our favorite moment during weekends, but our least favorite moment when we have to decide to compete.


Many  artists have been there, they got invited to participate in TV talent shows. When this happens many artists call me and ask me if they should participate. Several questions that are probably passing your thoughts when it comes to competing on talent shows will probably be:


  • What will it bring my career
  • Will I be honored or humiliated
  • Is it worth to invest in participating or is it not
  • Why do they want me to participate? (Is it because they need fill or is it because they actually appreciate my work?)


The benefits of participating on talent shows might be:


  • Nice video material
  • Be seen by agents and bookers
  • You generate some buzz around your image
  • Double your income
  • Increase the amount of bookings


For some participating only brings nice video footage (might be practical for your promotional video), for others it kickstarts their careers on a higher level.  If you have a good act and you are sure you will make it to the next round then you should have a plan for the next rounds, make sure you have a proper build up in your performances. Better, stronger and more spectacular. Visit the hairdresser, a tailor and a style advisor and have your manager or PR manager ready to publish some posts on your website or social media channels.


Very often artists get asked to perform for free “good for your career”, in fact they might be right in stating that. It might insult you at first, but remember that a performance can pay off in the longer run. A reputable agent told me: “A decent amount of acts  have doubled their fee and got bookings thanks to their TV appearance.”


People nowadays are spoiled with the level of performances they witness on television. By being “famous from TV” you get extra value for the market and thus more bookings for gala shows, other TV performances and more enquiries for other shows. Realise that after having been part of such show you will be forgotten after approximately a year. You will have to put a lot of effort in remaining celebrity in order to keep having your benefits of participating.


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