Audience; give them a reason to keep coming back

When I stopped working as an artist in the circus and in magic, I started to see circus disciplines as part of the entertainment world, my viewpoint changed. I began to give greater thought to what really entertaining. How could we deliver that fantasy, the dream that our audience is paying for to see.  I am not saying “lose all sense of your individual artistic expression”. However, this is a call to consider how your audience sees you and how your act can impact them.

Giving thought to your audience shows an appreciation of their time, energy, and money


You can see the differences between the performers who are offering up a piece of themselves versus those who don’t. They want you to look at them, they want to generate a feeling amongst their audience wether it’s love, lust, wonder, admiration.  The best performances I have ever seen were a fine balance of skill, charisma and character.


Love the audience enough to get yourself to be better. The best performers faced challenges with the simple question of “How can I grow as a performer?” Some performers owned their act the very first times they walked on stage, other performers took a longer path. This is not what makes them good or bad performers.


There is always room to learn and improve. Understand that you are there to entertain an audience, these few minutes on stage are not just about you. they are about selling the story to a venue of people that paid for you to entertain them. Learn the important skill of self-awareness. Some of the most talented performers I have ever met are not just very humble, but they are also aware of their strenghts and weaknesses and made it work in their favor.

Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it, so autograph your work with excellence - Jessica Gudobana"


A booking generally comes down to “does this act fit our story, does it fit our show”. So keep in mind that not every “No” is directly related to your talent as a performer. But you do have a choice in becoming the best of yourself, ask for advice and feedback. Take classes in whatever skill you need wether it is dance classes, acting lessons or maybe some marketing lessons.


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