Creating a promotion kit for entertainers 101

“How to create a solid promotion package?” is perhaps one of the questions that is most frequently asked. We decided to write a proper guide on creating a good promotion kit for entertainers.   A promotion kit should contain a few things:   Photos and other images Live videos  and teasers Information about your act […]

Niels Harder celebrates success!

Sabioleon is proud to announce that Niels Harder  is selected to participate in the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent! We congratulate Niels Harder with this little success in his career!   Remember how we wrote an article on what talent shows can do for your career? (read the article here…) Niels Harder contacted us and […]

Score attention with a football juggler!

Nigel Voets has kicked-off his new football juggling act. He is ready to hit the centre-spot of every stadium and sports related business event. Looking like a young football player, Nigel will hit the market with a fast moving and engaging act to excite audiences and get them in the mood for the game.   […]

Working with artist agents

Many artists become frustrated when it comes to advertising themselves and selling their act. The business side of show business can be intimidating, even for experienced artists. An agent can take the stress away from you. A good agent knows a fine balance of representing your interest and the interest for a show, how ever […]

What about talent shows?

Talent shows; our favorite moment during weekends, but our least favorite moment when we have to decide to compete.   Many  artists have been there, they got invited to participate in TV talent shows. When this happens many artists call me and ask me if they should participate. Several questions that are probably passing your […]

Why giving away free tickets is a good idea!

As I am Dutch, I love the word “gratis” or “free”. Many show owners hate the word when it comes to giving away tickets to their show for free. Not everyone will agree with me on this subject and for sure there are good arguments for both sides. If I balance the arguments I guarantee […]

Packing for dummies

  When I travelled in circus, I encountered many artists with acts that would perfectly suit a variety theatre or a cruise ship. However, if I watched how they moved around, they would definitely not fit. Too many props to carry or too much stuff to carry along. Working small venues or ships requires a […]

Evolution in shows; ‘We always did it like this’

  I was told some years ago by a circus owner that he didn’t need internet or an external box-office because “they always did it like that”. His website was nothing more than a few photos, outdated information and difficult ways of contacting.   This quote of Guy Laliberte is stating exactly the same like […]