Evolution in shows; ‘We always did it like this’

Internet? we don't need it.. we always did it like this.


I was told some years ago by a circus owner that he didn’t need internet or an external box-office because “they always did it like that”. His website was nothing more than a few photos, outdated information and difficult ways of contacting.

I'm an artistic person and a creator. I'm not a scientific. I'm not an engineer. -Guy Laliberte-


This quote of Guy Laliberte is stating exactly the same like the director did at the time. Just that Laliberte realized that he had to hire people that are better than him. At my first job in a theme park someone told me “For what you can’t do or do not want to learn it is better to hire someone”


There are four things that will determine your success in showbiz

  1. Excelling in composing a good quality show
  2. Developing the business
  3. Working hard
  4. Luck


The right person on the right place will almost certainly pay himself back in a short term. Think of a graduate in marketing and communication or even a clever student.


In the old days there was something like a “circusdoctor” who would come to your show and help you with anything from wardrobe to transport solutions and from sales to branding.


Let’s get to work, I’ll be your circusdoctor! contact me and I will be available to help you!