Why millennials abandon the circus

Today there are over a thousand circuses in Europe. The vast majority of those circuses present their shows travelling from town to town all across Europe. Each circus has its own area of focus, some present a style circus, some focus on acrobatics, comedy or prefers animals in their shows. It is all a matter […]

Circus; Back to the future

After a blog on how tradition kills the circus industry I got asked to write a follow-up story. Circus is spread across Europe in different shapes and forms. For the more traditional circuses, surviving becomes harder as they often exist out of “older” dynasties that tend to hold on to their old ways of running […]

Vision about the future of circus

  The search for new audiences is one of the main missions of artists and shows nowadays. If we don’t find a connection with the people for whom we are making our art, we will lose our right to exist. On the other hand, art has a unique position outside the laws of commerce where […]