How to get yourself booked into a show 101

Promoting yourself is hard. Often you will find online castings and requests for artists made by bookers and agents. They often specify what they are looking for such as discipline, necessary papers and how to respond to the call. If it states that they want a reply via PM, private message or by email, this […]

Download for free; Powerful image creation for performers

For a long time, I have wanted to write a short guide about creating an image for performers. A guide to explain how to analyse yourself, how to get better and how to sell yourself in a quick and easy read. Feel free to download the PDF document and share it with your friends and […]

7 ways to get more bookings for your act

“How should I promote my act to get more bookings” is one of the most popular questions people ask me. It might seem a complicated question but the basis is relatively simple, it always comes down to the “where do you want to work?” or “what are you good at?” questions like I described in: […]

Artist Development; how to create an image, and develop your X factor.

Before you can market yourself as an artist it is very clever to determine who you are, both as  a person and as an artist. After my last post; 10 things that every performer should know, i decided to write a more in-depth article on artist development. Everyone has heard about the so called X […]

10 things that every performer should know

There are some very important things that every artist should know before they try and make it as a professional. In several discussions, talks, interviews and advices in the last years i discovered that the old generation of “star attractions” had a sort of framework to get them on track with every new thing they […]