Only as good as a ringboy!

Ringboys; we all know them, need them and use them. I have seen them being dressed in proper costumes, simple cheap shirts and even ripped t-shirts. However they are often under appreciated; We need them to be there and save our asses.

We all seem to forget that these boys make you look either really amazing or really stupid in the ring.


Every time when a director asks me what I think of a show; I just have to make a remark on how their ringboys work, dress and behave. Is that a mistake of the ringboys or is it a mistake of the director that is not involving these ringboys to participate in the show? It is up to a “Chef de Piste” to coach and direct the ringboys.

So what makes a ringboy a more valuable asset to a show?

Invisibility, speed, cleanliness and synchronicity and proactivity.

A ringboy needs a choreography and designated tasks to perform during the show.
Coach them, pay them well, thank them for their work and communicate clear with them.


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