A message to the circus community

In the past months, we have been busy bringing together people from all walks of circus life. From contemporary circus artists to traditional circus shows and festivals we have decided to join forces to create a message of hope and belief in the future. We have brought together a team of people to help us create the message and the video we are launching here today.

We believe that all walks of circus have common grounds, similar issues to defend. Things like places to work with sufficient place for people and animals, tax burdens, insurances and working permits amongst other things. We as an industry need to stand together even more then  we do now.
Because we trust!

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Because they all support this message we have been supplied with video material by:

Tall Tales company / NL
Cirque d’Hiver Bouglione / FR
Cirque Alexandre Bouglione / BE
Festival Circolo / NL
FlicFlac / DE
Michaël Betrian / Wintercircus Hilversum / Circus of Torment / NL
Lukas Stelter/ Promo for Performer / DE
Parktheater Eindhoven / Wintercircus Eindhoven / NL
Magic Circus / NL
Swiss National Circus Knie / CH
Cirque Chabri Archives / BE
Pranay Werner / DE
Piet-Hein Out / Circusphotographer.com / NL

We would like to thank the following people for providing their services:

Text: Pepijn Koolen
Voice over: Kenan Raven
Recording Studio: REC Sound / Melcher Meirmans
Editing: Lukas Stelter /Promo for Performers  & Pranay Werner / Panray photography
Production: Frank van den Heuvel (sabioleon)
Brainstorm partner: Kristian Kristof