A guide to backstage behaviour:

The backstage of theatres, galashows or corporate gala’s is where the magic happens and business is done. The perfect place to make or break your career. Here is a guide with some tips, tricks and hints on how to behave in the backstage.


Be as charming offstage as well as you are onstage:
Believe it or not, most deals are done backstage.  People will notice and remember how you treat other cast members and the technicians, and if they have a choice between hiring a good performer who’s easy to work with and a good performer who’s difficult, who do you think they’ll choose?


Do not copy:
Don’t give me your best impression of your heroes and/or competitioners. Give me something that is close to you as a person or a character. That is all you really have to offer anyway, so embrace it. Copying an act is the worst compliment you can offer someone and might even result in being banned from certain places. In other words: Imitation can be flattery, and it can also be considered theft.


Respect props:
Props are a performers best friend and their tool to perform their act. For some performers possible damages or changes to them mean literally the difference between life and death. Do not go around and snoop inbetween the props of others and ask to move their props if you need to.


Mistakes will happen:
Accept it.  You will have costume malfunctions, you will have crap performances.  It happens to everyone.  Learn how to cover it from the audience or take advantage of the situation. accept it and move on!


Take names:
We know it’s nearly impossible to remember every performer’s name, especially in and out of costume it might be very hard.  It shows that you care about your community and it keeps you humble. And if someone doesn’t remember yours, don’t take it personally.


Do not complain about people:
Be political, think about the things you want to archieve. Complaining about people without the reason to make the final show as a whole project a lot better. Positive critics is a lot different from nagging.


Be amazing:
The audience or venue paid to see your performance, so even if it’s only for five minutes on stage, be as amazing as you can be. Your audience has a right to see the very best of you.  Think big, be bold, and bring your audience a dream!


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