The sum of Pile-en-face

Pile-en-face consists of five young artists of different disciplines such as hand-to-hand, object manipulation and acrobatics. Together they have created a performance that has an interesting combination of smooth movements, a philosophical approach and a clear vision of what is needed to tell a story. Pile-en-face has created a performance about the inevitable search for meaning in life.

A search for meaning often goes hand in hand with the absurd. What do people do when confronted with the absurd: they get the compulsion to find meaning where none exists. Throughout the performance, the characters try every method of confronting it. “The sum of what we do”  is a visually absurd search for the meaning of life by using stacked pieces of a puzzle. The performance has a strong basis in the absurdist philosophy of Albert Camus and Samuel Beckett and their famous play “Waiting for Godot”.

This up-tempo performance is easy to digest dispite the  philosophical layer that is below the surface. This outstanding piece of contemporary circus is definitely recommended for families.

This Rotterdam based circus company consists of:

David Mupanda (NL) | Remi L’ebocey (FR) | Tom-André Henden (NO) | Marieke Thijssen (NL) | Vincent Kollar (DE)

Their trailer can be watched here

Photo: megin zondervan