The importance of production value

Definition of production values: (US) The technical elements of a production, as the lighting, décor, costumes or sound in a show, often, specif., such elements that are enhanced to increase audience appeal.


When I sit down to watch a show, I never anticipate being let down. I want to enjoy the show no matter what. It’s an investment of my time, usually my money, and my emotions. It’s safe to say that most people have the same thought process.

No one walks into a theatre saying; “Man, I really hope this show is horrible.


Even if I fully expect a show to be god-awful, I still sit down and hope for the best. There’s always that chance that a show will truly surprise you despite every review you read beforehand. That’s one of the beautiful things about shows, they are still personal and should be experienced differently by every person.


For circus shows i have seen very often that they exist entirely of fill. “Poster boys” are often not casted -because of the expenses- resulting in boring, flat shows without any soul. Even if they cast good acts as a lead of the show they are not matching together. A show should be comprehensive.


For circus it is the people that are equally as important to your production value. Spend on the people that make you rich. Not just money-wise but mainly on a personal level, make sure they have the right conditions to work in. A happy cast and crew really make the difference to your audience and of course that will be visible in the box office thanks to the word-of-mouth.