The circus is likely to survive

First there was television and then came the internet and then technology advanced. It has been an extra competition for the circus but it also brought us a lot of advantages. We could sell our tickets online but in the same moment people had gotten access to cheap and easy entertainment by pressing a button.


The circus is exemplary of ordinary people being able to perform extraordinary tricks. Circus nowadays needs an extra ‘wow’ factor to stand out from the crowd. We need to reinvent ourselves by using our geniality to create a buzz around what we do. We need to dress it to perfection and make use of modern technology to get the circus back into the daily lives of our audiences.


A while ago I spoke with theĀ  director of Circul Globus. A circus that was once renowned for its gymnasts, acrobatic troupes and a well-designed circus building. He told me that he hoped to improve the image of the circus in- and outside of Romania by building bridges in the arts, by finding common grounds and by sharing knowledge with a young and motivated generation.

The circus is more likely to survive if it remains loyal to its roots and embraces future changes.


We have many varieties of circus and many people who try to invent new ways of making and presenting circus. Both the old and young generation are working on our future. Ask your audience how they would like to see circus, how they would like to interact with circus. For circus to remain a well visited and respected art form we will have to remain loyal to our roots and embrace future changes.


Vive le cirque!


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