Staged dreams: selling experiences in live entertainment

For many producers of entertainment shows creating the experience starts when their audience is seated and waiting for the curtains to open. For audiences, the experience starts the moment they will see or hear your publicity for the very first time. Creating experiences that last a lifetime is not as easy as it looks. It takes a lot of effort and dedication from beginning to end.


Sell dreams not tickets

Many people who visit shows do not only come to be entertained but also to obtain memories that last a lifetime. They have been lured in by promising posters, news articles and other forms of publicity. The first moment people see those adverts their experience starts. The audience does not care about their tickets, they care about the value they get for the money paid to get them. A satisfied customer is likely to come back for more and is also more likely to spend on merchandise or food and beverages once inside.

Create great experience

The only way to sell “dreams” is to deliver a great experience to your audience from the moment they step through your door. Popcorn served with a smile in well-designed packages, someone guiding the audience to their seats and answering questions pro-actively. Your unique selling point is the story you tell, not just in the show but also the story you tell on your website and in the lobby. Make the customer experience a firm part of your business.

Strive to be different; don’t settle for the same experiences that your competitors are offering.

Master the message

Every employee working front of house and in the show should be aware of the values you want to represent. Your employees are part of the experience as much as the show itself. Your audience wants to know what they can expect, they want a smooth experience, “the dream”. Be consistent in the messages you spread and spread them with confidence.

Qualify your prospect

Creating a show without a clear understanding of your audience is a bit like setting a boat adrift without navigational tools. If you want to make a good turnover you should define your audience. When you know your audience it is easier to adapt your marketing and of course, alter your show and merchandise to your audience.
(read more about knowing your audience in a previous blog)


Creating experiences as a part of branding brings many rewards including the following:

  • Differentiation from competitors – really standing out from the crowd;
  • Premium pricing – people will pay more for the show they really want to see;
  • The increased and stable demand from satisfied visitors -repeated visits-
  • Above all, successful branding delivers the numbers and consistent market performance.

Those rewards are what every director/owner wants, but a brand has to be managed consistently over time to get those rewards. Brand management is a tough process as markets are changing faster, and so are the lifestyles of the people who visit these shows.


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