Knowing your audience

Creating a show without a clear understanding of your audience, is a bit like setting a boat adrift without navigational tools.


You’re out there and you’re taking action, but you’re not working toward a specific goal. These are the situations that will cost you; huge amounts of time and money, without a clear potential for a good turnover.

If you want to make a good turnover you should define your audience. When you know your audience it is easier to adapt your marketing and of course alter your show and merchandise to your audience. I have often witnessed shows or acts that sent out a couple of different styles, messages and values towards their audience.


Most visitors will ask themselves; will this show suit my lifestyle, timeframe and values. If you send out different messages people will be confused and thus be less tempted to bring you business.  Convince people that your show is consistent in the messages you send out and the quality you present.


If you want to sell your show it is good to ask yourself some questions:

  • Who did I create this show for?
  • Where do i want to work? (circus, variety, theatres, festivals, cruise ships or corporate events)
  • Who do i want to work for? (both audience or clients)
  • How does my target audience perceive me or the show and how do I want people perceive me.


Your business card, promotion, marketing, billboards or website are often the very first opportunities to reach your target audience and key to convince people to trust you.

If you are unsure about your ability to get people to trust you, please contact me! Let’s find out your strong and weak points and help you to achieve better sales!