Circus; Back to the future

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After a blog on how tradition kills the circus industry I got asked to write a follow-up story. Circus is spread across Europe in different shapes and forms. For the more traditional circuses, surviving becomes harder as they often exist out of “older” dynasties that tend to hold on to their old ways of running […]

What about talent shows?

Talent shows; our favorite moment during weekends, but our least favorite moment when we have to decide to compete.   Many  artists have been there, they got invited to participate in TV talent shows. When this happens many artists call me and ask me if they should participate. Several questions that are probably passing your […]

Only as good as a ringboy!

Ringboys; we all know them, need them and use them. I have seen them being dressed in proper costumes, simple cheap shirts and even ripped t-shirts. However they are often under appreciated; We need them to be there and save our asses.   Every time when a director asks me what I think of a […]

Sabioleon; a reinvented creative advisor

I believe that show business needs a fresh view and shows and artists deserve coaching to perform at their best. I own Sabioleon; an entertainment branding consultancy specialized in variety and circus – both for artists and show productions -. By fusing insights, strategy, creativity and imagination I help my clients to uncover new ways […]

How tradition kills the circus industry

About every few days I hear from clients, colleagues and others how difficult not only composing a show on the artistic field is, but also how difficult running a show is. Running a show is not easy, but if the owner of a show tells me “but 20 years ago this used to work” I […]

Download for free; Powerful image creation for performers

For a long time, I have wanted to write a short guide about creating an image for performers. A guide to explain how to analyse yourself, how to get better and how to sell yourself in a quick and easy read. Feel free to download the PDF document and share it with your friends and […]

News! Pop Fizz Clink! We have a celebration!

It is time to celebrate! Sabioleon is officially registered as a company! Thanks to the people who believe in me, support me, call me, book me and read my blogs!   Due to all the requests and the summer season, I will write blogs in a somewhat lower frequency for the next few months. I […]

Branding for artists; an introduction

What is branding? I like to share a memory from my childhood. When I was a child, my parents used to put me in the backseat of a car. I was only two or three years old at the time. I could barely read but when we would drive down the highway I would see […]

How to write a proposal and get booked

Obviously you are a professional artist and you want to work in good places, but do you actually know what makes someone decide why they want to book you? Unless you are very well connected or have a well-established name you are losing ground when your publicity is not done right. When you are sending […]

Why giving away free tickets is a good idea!

Free Tickets

As I am Dutch, I love the word “gratis” or “free”. Many show owners hate the word when it comes to giving away tickets to their show for free. Not everyone will agree with me on this subject and for sure there are good arguments for both sides. If I balance the arguments I guarantee […]