A winning strategy

The future of brands is, in many ways, the future of business. Well-managed brands are the most efficient and effective creators of sustainable wealth.

Richard Cordiner, planning director, Leo Burnett


Every now and then I tell producers of shows about the importance of branding and imagineering. People do not want to buy a ticket; they want to buy a lifelong experience either for themselves or for their family members. Therefore the magic should start the very moment potential visitors are becoming aware of your show until the moment the people leave your house.


Many people are aware that word-of-mouth is the strongest publicity a show can get. Customer experience is key to achieve such publicity.


Nowadays there is so much entertainment that is easily accessible for a large audience. The importance to stand out from the crowd is rapidly growing. A simple website does not sell your event or show.
A strong brand is vital for survival and success. it differentiates a show or a company from others through providing the one thing that a competitor cannot copy – the experience itself-. It is in the small details like smiling staff, a compliment or unified looks –polished shoes, well-groomed staff, a clean house-. Every detail however seemingly unimportant should be considered.


This is the reason that style-circus works so much better than the “average” circus. Flic-Flac, Roncalli, or Circo Raluy sell dreams. This dream can start on a website, in a shoppingwindow or the simplicity in the way of booking tickets. The world around us is digital, bend along with the trend and watch people appreciate the gesture.


The world’s powerful brands establish trust and friendship with their visitors. They develop emotional capital, gaining share of heart, they build a durable relationship with their visitors and this is what makes them great.


Strong branding brings many rewards including the following:

  • Differentiation from competitors – really standing out from the crowd;
  • Premium pricing – people will pay more for the show they really want to see;
  • The increased and stable demand from satisfied visitors -repeated visits-
  • Above all, successful branding delivers the numbers and consistent market performance.


These rewards are what every director/owner wants, but a brand has to be managed consistently over time to get them, and managing the brand is critical. Brand management is a tough process as markets are changing faster, and so are the lifestyles of the people who visit these shows.