How to predict a festivals winner

There are many circus festivals around in Europe and so there are many artists. Often I have seen acts that win festivals that are not per definition the best acts. So what makes someone win a festival?


Festivals are all about politics. Are you likeable, who are your friends, who is your family? It is all is part of the show. Picking jury-members is also a political choice. I have seen plenty of festivals where a parent or other family member of a winner was in the jury or organizing the festival.


It is a shame that the acts that are really good and liked by our audiences do not get a proper chance to win a festival prize or are even downplayed by the unfair politics of festivals. Isn’t it funny that the people who organized some of these festival complained about fair play within UEFA?
The problem of this political system is that it ruins the credibility of the industry. It seems that prizes are easy to buy or to negotiate about. Look at how The Annual International Circus Award MASTER organizes their competition; I think it’s a great example of a more equal chance to win.


I dare organisers to come up with a new idea of finding contestants and jury members. Start working on fair play. Your festival doesn’t lose the grandeur by doing so, but it should be a collective move.

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