Creating a promotion kit for entertainers 101

“How to create a solid promotion package?” is perhaps one of the questions that is most frequently asked. We decided to write a proper guide on creating a good promotion kit for entertainers.


A promotion kit should contain a few things:


  • Photos and other images
  • Live videosĀ  and teasers
  • Information about your act or show


Remember that you should only send out material that is of high and decent quality, represents you your act and values. Your photos, videos and documents should be coherent. You should make sure that you control your image before it is ruined or hijacked by someone else, even if it happens by accident.


Photos and other images:


Clients will often ask you for photos. Photos of you and your act are a primary tool to get your prospect interested in you, before he will watch your video.


You will need two types of photographs:


  1. Promotional photos
  2. Live photos


Pick a photo to use as your prime promotional image. This photo should contain a style of you as a performer that you would like to see on a production poster and other publicity materials.


Think of the concept you would like for the photo. What kind of background, props, costume and pose would you like to come forward with and pay attention to the details. Make sure that you are the centre of attention and make sure it sells you, your act and stage personality.

A photo of your live performance should be showing the best of your performance. If the photo does not look good or has a low quality then skip the photo and do not send it to your prospects.

Live videosĀ  and teasers:


There are two types of videos that you should have ready for clients:


  1. Promotional or Teaser Video
  2. Live Performance Clips


A promotional or teaser video should be created to sell your show, product or character. It should introduce you and your work to your prospect in a very short period of time. 2-3 minutes would be an ideal length. A prospect will want to see the look and feel of what they would be buying.


The content of your teaser video should have substance. Avoid the use of cheap graphics, text or voice-over as it will actually take attention away from your act and might become annoying to the viewer. It is always a good idea to include videomaterial of your television performances, newspaper articles and snippits of the highlights of your performances and act. Cut your video to the beat of the music that you are using.


Some prospects will ask you for an un-cut video of your performance. In general they want to see you work including the audience response -in the end that might be a good indication to the effect you will have in their show-. With platforms like YouTube or Vimeo you can set up a playlist that you can direct your prospects to. Make sure that everything you share publicly is in high quality and is representative for you and your performance.


Information about your act or show


Credentials and technical rider are a must nowadays. What do you need to bring a good performance. It might include stage dimensions, rigging points in the ceiling or the use of electricity. Depending on the size of your performance or show, you should only send the information based on what is suitable to your specific prospect. A document in PDF format is preferred as it can be opened by nearly anyone on any device.

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